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The campfire Les Dérivés Brasero & Barbecue

The Campfire Le Dérivé (Type Brasecue) is a concept that allows you to enjoy your outdoors in all seasons, to please your friends and loved ones by warming them around the fire, comfortably installed and enjoying a gentle heat and sight of flames.

Offer all the conviviality of discussions around the fire by adding the pleasure of cooking meals for your family and friends.

A modern device for pleasure from all eras.

The meeting of the BBQ and the brazier for a simple and comfortable use while enjoying a real campfire.

Real fire under control, it brings this particular emotion of the campfire with the greatest security. Its shape (A cube), its dimensions (60 cm side), its weight (85 Kg), make it a device of incomparable stability with any other product on the market.

It is a wood fire. Le Dérivé forms a case that protects more than a chimney and the vision of the fire, in addition to the radiation of heat, dissuades from any direct contact. It is therefore perfectly secure.

The design of the ashtray and its support prohibits excessive heat under Le Dérivé. So you can use it everywhere.

If a “storm” hits during the evening, you can always pour water to put out the fire. The material of Le Dérivé allows it and thanks to the bars, you will not undergo any projection.

Still for safety reasons, a key element in the design of Le Dérivé, there is no fixed handle on Le Dérivé to avoid any reflex gesture of opening with bare hands. A removable handle is provided.

Go to the FAQ page to find all the answers and even questions you never thought of! 

The authenticity of the campfire. While enjoying, in addition to security, modern comfort and ease of use.

It transforms the instant, the time.

Rediscover the pleasure of having a drink around a fire that you can control at your leisure, cooking the dishes you have chosen for your guests, listening to a piece of music with your partner in your arms, contemplating the flames and the stars.


Tous les appareils en un seul pour votre plaisir

The Campfire Le Dérivé is a new concept.
A brasero and a BBQ in one piece. Comfort and security added.